Please bind your email to your account.

1970-06-18 10:50:00

Our iOS version is now up and running, find it under the new name of CELESTIAL CRUSADE. A new Android version is out, in order to have two versions with the same information, so players in both platforms can join and enjoy the same game. Android version will also be re-named CELESTIAL CRUSADE. Please be sure to update your current app in order to avoid any in-game issues.

In addition, we recommend to each player to use our email binding, instead of Facebook binding, or to bind an email if you currently only use Facebook.

We detected an irreversible error where players who bind their Facebook accounts on android lost their account when trying to log in using the same Facebook account on iOS. With email bindings, there shouldn't be any concern.

We hope you can enjoy our new CELESTIAL CRUSADE. We will continue to polish our game as we always did.

After Facebook approval, this page will be renamed Celestial Crusade too.

Play now 
Android: http://bit.ly/celestialcrusadeandroid