Update Notice | 2019.03.04

2019-03-04 10:35:00

A next major patch is on the way!

We will be taking a break with a CLOSED SERVER MAINTENANCE starting on 2019.03.06 (06:00-12:00 UTC+0). A special UPDATE COMPENSATION REWARD will be sent right after the Server Maintenance is completed. Please be sure to be offline before the maintenance to avoid any issue.

New Features:
A. Zenith War: A 1v1 PvP battle event, open weekly for two days. Participate and compete to become the rightful champion of the realm. 
B. Gods' Fall: The most exciting Boss fight arena. In Gods' Fall, unprecedented challenges await only for the bravest.
C. Dragon Breath: A rare customizable part which can increase the player’s power dramatically, while getting a special look.
D. Artifact: Divine items that once belonged to gods and ancient heroes, are now ready for you to take. Collecting these artifacts give a huge bonus in power. Challenge Boss and gather materials to get them!
E. New Equipment: Runes and Emblems now can have their own parts for customization. Special traits will be activated once the requirements are met.

Thank you for your patience. We will be back before you know it!


What's Next?
A mount system is in development. Soon, players will be able to pick amazing creatures and ride with them to the battlefield.